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U.S. Must Adequately Fund Public Health Measures To Effectively Prevent, Respond To Disease Outbreaks

Quartz: Zika is a warning to the U.S. public health system to stop rushing from fire to fire
Celine Gounder, physician and medical journalist

“…The Obama administration has wisely shifted funds to kick-start the national fight against Zika in advance of the summer. But the government’s struggle to come up with sufficient money to battle Zika without compromising other public health efforts has exposed all that’s wrong with the U.S. approach to health security. … What the Ebola epidemic should have taught us is that it’s important to have surveillance for disease outbreaks in place, as well as stronger local health systems to respond when they occur. … We can’t just keep running from one fire to the next, whether the current most pressing threat is Zika, Ebola, Legionnaire’s disease, or lead in the water supply. … How bad will things need to get before we take seriously the need to fund public health?” (4/18).