U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Ban Travelers From Ebola-Hit Nations, While DHS Grants Temporary Protection For West Africans Already In U.S.

News outlets report on moves in the U.S. aimed at restricting travelers from West African nations and allowing those from Ebola-affected nations already in the country to temporarily stay.

The Hill: GOP bill would impose Ebola travel ban
“A group of five Republican senators on Thursday introduced legislation that would restrict those who live in Ebola-stricken countries from traveling to the United States, while allowing exceptions for some aid workers and foreign military members…” (Kamisar, 11/20).

Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. to allow people from nations hit by Ebola to stay temporarily
“…People from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone in the United States as of Thursday may apply for protection from deportation, as well as for work permits, for 18 months, said a Department of Homeland Security official…” (Edwards, 11/20).