U.S. Government To Provide Emergency Food Aid To South Sudan

News outlets report on the announcement that the U.S. government will provide special funding to South Sudan to help address the country’s food crisis.

Devex: For first time since 2008, U.S. taps special funding pool to feed South Sudan
“South Sudan currently faces the ‘worst food security situation in the world,’ and since airdropping food aid in the conflict-battered country is too expensive for cash-strapped donors, the U.S. government has decided to tap into an emergency trust fund for the first time since the global food crisis six years ago…” (Igoe, 8/13).

Xinhua News/GlobalPost: U.S. to provide food aid to S. Sudan
“The United States will provide some 180 million U.S. dollars to South Sudan to alleviate the country’s food crisis, an aide to U.S. President Barack Obama said on Tuesday…” (8/12).