U.S. Government Should Label Atrocities In Myanmar’s Rakhine State ‘Crime Against Humanity,’ Call For Legal Process

Washington Post: Has America lost its voice on human rights around the world?
Editorial Board

“…The State Department report [on atrocities in Northern Rakhine State] was an opportunity to say and do more. At the very least, the United States should have labeled the atrocities a crime against humanity. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Fortify Rights, and the U.N. investigators have all used the term and suggested there was preparation for such crimes. Some have gone further; House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.) said at a hearing Wednesday ‘it is clear that these crimes amount to genocide,’ while Rep. Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.) said it is ‘clearly a crime against humanity and likely also genocide.’ It’s unfortunate the administration could not speak with comparable clarity. It should propose a legal process for accountability. And it should not fear to speak the truth about this atrocity” (9/27).