U.S. Government Recognizes SDG Framework, Does Not Endorse Individual Goals, According To Internal Memo, Devex Reports

Devex: While China embraces the SDGs, the U.S. government would rather not talk about them
“The U.S. government recognizes the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, but does not endorse any of the 17 individual goals, according to an internal guidance document obtained by Devex. In the ‘2030 Agenda Talking Points’ memo, officials are instructed to differentiate between the SDGs as a platform, which the U.S. government ‘recognizes,’ and the SDGs as a set of specific goals, which the U.S. government cannot individually endorse. … A draft presidential memorandum on development, obtained by Devex and expected to be made official soon, states that it is the policy of the Trump administration to ‘shift foreign assistance to bilateral channels as much as possible.’ … The Trump administration’s effort to distance itself from the SDGs contrasts sharply with other countries, including China, which have been quicker to recognize them as an opportunity to brand their international engagement as part of a global, cooperative effort…” (Igoe, 9/17).