U.S. Foreign Aid Yields ‘Tangible Results’

Baltimore Sun: America gets back as much as it gives in foreign aid
Tamela Noboa, Pact board member and managing director of Discovery Learning Alliance

“…What do Americans get in return for foreign assistance? A lot. For starters, we are able to stop deadly diseases before they reach our shores, promote American exports, counter violent extremism, combat climate change and Russian hacking, and support our overseas embassies and strategic allies across the world. The men and women of the State Department and USAID deserve our full commitment to their safety and to providing the tools they need to advance our interests globally. Next, we make a tangible, lasting difference in the lives of billions of people. … American investments in foreign aid save U.S. taxpayers billions because we are preventing famine, poverty, disease and war, rather than struggling with the aftermath on our own shores and around the globe. Our leadership in the world is achieved in large part through foreign aid. … I believe strongly in the tangible results and the values advanced through foreign aid. And at just one percent of our federal budget, I’d argue the wide-ranging returns are one of the best deals in Washington. This is a one percent we should all be fighting for” (10/8).