U.S. FDA Approves New Malaria Treatment Effective In One Dose

CNBC: Gates Foundation CEO: FDA’s approval of single-dose drug to fight malaria
“Sue Desmond-Hellman, Gates Foundation CEO, talks about the importance of a new drug, Krintafel (tafenoquine) that offers hope of a radical cure for malaria. Also Desmond-Hellman shares her thought on preparing for the next pandemic threat…” (7/27).

NPR: New Drug Wipes Out Malaria In A Single Dose — But There’s One Hitch
“…On Friday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a drug to cure a type of malaria that’s been hard to stop. Called Plasmodium vivax, the parasite can hide out in a person’s liver for months and cause multiple rounds of malaria — even after being treated. … But there’s just one big hitch: To use tafenoquine, doctors and nurses need a sophisticated test that’s not available in many poor places. In certain people, tafenoquine can cause red blood cells to burst open and die. As a result, people can became anemic, and in some instances, this can be lethal…” (Doucleff, 7/26).