U.S. Congress Scrutinizes Responses To Domestic, West African Ebola Cases

News outlets report on U.S. congressional reactions to the government’s responses to Ebola.

The Lancet: U.S. federal health agencies questioned over Ebola response
“As U.S. President Barack Obama ramped up the country’s response to the Ebola crisis domestically and abroad, his top health officials attempted, during a tense congressional hearing last week, to address potential solutions to the epidemic ravaging West Africa, which has now reached the USA, confronting emergency medical providers at a well regarded hospital in Dallas, Texas…” (Jaffe, 10/25).

Reuters: Republicans take aim at U.S. Ebola response after fourth case emerges
“Republicans with an eye on next month’s congressional elections ratcheted up their criticism of President Barack Obama’s response to Ebola on Friday after the emergence of a fourth U.S. case heightened public anxiety about the disease spreading outside of West Africa…” (Morgan/Clarke, 10/24).