U.S. Aid Groups Criticize U.S. Government's Response To Sending Food Donations To North Korea

“Several American aid groups are criticizing the U.S. government delay on deciding whether to resume large-scale food donations to North Korea” after recent flooding deteriorated health and food security in the country, VOA News reports. The five U.S.-based, non-governmental organizations “warn that if substantial aid is not permitted in the next six to nine months, many vulnerable people in the impoverished communist state could die from starvation,” the news service writes.

The groups, who months ago recommended a food aid program for women and children, the populations they deem most at risk, “say they have received no response from Washington,” VOA reports. “The chief U.S. aid official was quoted by the Reuters news agency last week as saying Washington will not resume food aid to Pyongyang until the North Korean government satisfies concerns that it will not divert future shipments for its own use,” the news service writes, adding, “Rajiv Shah, who runs [USAID], said there have been no such credible assurances from the North Koreans despite repeated discussions” (Herman, 9/27).