U.S. Africa Command Establishes Regional Task Forces To Combat Malaria In Africa

“Two new task forces being [established] by U.S. Africa Command [Africom] have set their sights on one of the biggest killers on the continent: the mosquito,” the American Forces Press Service reports. “Ninety percent of the world’s malaria-related deaths are reported in Africa, and the disease kills some 600,000 African children each year,” the news service notes, adding, “Africom incorporates malaria prevention into much of its theater engagement, distributing mosquito nets and teaching new diagnostic techniques during training events throughout Africa.”

“But at the African soldier’s suggestion, Africom went to work to establish regional task forces to help partner nations create a unified front against the problem,” the article continues. “Ultimately, this supports the concept of ‘stability through health,’ [Army Col. John Andrus, Africom’s deputy surgeon and medical logistics division chief,] said,” the news service writes, adding, “Helping partner nations protect their military forces against disease supports the bigger goal of establishing professional militaries that are trusted by their populations and able to respond to crises, he explained” (Miles, 6/13).