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U.S. Administration’s Proposed Budget Cuts Could Impact Public Health

Forbes: What Do Proposed Budget Cuts Mean For Infectious Diseases?
Judy Stone, infectious disease specialist and Forbes contributor

“As an infectious disease physician, one of the many disheartening things in the recently proposed budget by this administration is the effect it will have on public health. Looking for a broader perspective than what I see in my practice, I spoke with leaders of the IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) and the HIVMA (HIV Medicine Association). They, too, are similarly deeply concerned. Here are [areas of] infectious disease [likely to be impacted] if this budget is to be enacted. Immunizations … CDC and Global Health … Research … HIV and Medicaid work requirements … HIV and Opioids … Major medical societies are sounding alarms regarding the infectious disease and public health implications of the administration’s proposed budget. Hopefully, these will be reconsidered and tempered by congressional debate and modifications, and we will be able to avoid having renewed outbreaks of infections previously fairly well-controlled” (2/28).