U.N. SG’s World Humanitarian Summit Report Should Have Included More On Health Issues

The Lancet: An ambitious agenda for humanity
Editorial Board

“…Last week, Ban Ki-moon released his report for the [World Humanitarian Summit that will take place in Istanbul in late May] — One Humanity: Shared Responsibility — which presents his vision for humanitarian reform. … [M]ore could have been specifically included on health. For example, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in conflict-affected populations are a serious, neglected health concern. NCDs, and the substantial funds needed for their treatment, should have been acknowledged. The report could have also recognized the opportunity of using the skills and training of refugee doctors and nurses who are often not allowed to provide services in their own refugee communities. However, despite these shortcomings, one, overarching issue is clear: the current response to health and humanitarian crises has substantial failings. … Ban Ki-moon’s initiative is an ambitious attempt to address the situation. Its realization will depend on how seriously countries believe in, value, and are willing to act on the concept of collective responsibility…” (2/20).