U.N. Security Council Resolution Urges More Action Against Human Trafficking, Slavery; Researchers Say Issues Should Be Treated As Global Health Problems

Thomson Reuters Foundation: U.N. Security Council approves tougher action on human trafficking
“A resolution urging tougher action to crack down on human trafficking and modern slavery worldwide was unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday. The resolution called on countries to adopt anti-trafficking laws, ramp up efforts to investigate and dismantle criminal networks and provide greater support for survivors of slavery. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that trafficking was not just a crime, but also a development issue…” (Guilbert, 11/21).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Treat trafficking as a health problem to break cycle of abuse — academics
“The debilitating scars left by modern slavery, ranging from depression to lost limbs, often fuel the exploitation of survivors’ children, academics said on Wednesday, calling for human trafficking to be tackled as a global health problem. Victims who cannot work may instead force their children into abusive or dangerous jobs, from producing palm oil in Indonesia and mining mica in India to farming tobacco in the United States, said a study in the journal PLoS Medicine…” (Guilbert, 11/22).