U.S. Officials Call On Nations To Stop Using Cuba’s Medical Missions, Alleging Program Represents Form Of Human Trafficking; Cuba Denies Accusation

Thomson Reuters Foundation: U.S. says Cuban medical missions are trafficking doctors
“United States officials on Thursday called on all nations to stop using Cuba’s medical missions, which send doctors around the world, saying that Cuba refused to pay the medical staff and held them against their will. Cuba’s international medical missions are a form of human trafficking and modern slavery, U.S. State Department officials told a news conference in New York…” (Wulfhorst, 9/26).

The Lancet: Cuba’s doctors-abroad program comes under fire
“The Cuban government has strongly denied recent allegations by the USA that Cuba is violating human rights by exploiting medical professionals it sends abroad to help those in need. From Brazil to Kenya to Angola, criticism ranges from the reduced wages these doctors receive while abroad, to Cuban doctors taking positions that could have been given to local doctors…” (Alves, 9/28).