U.N. Recognizes International Day Of The Midwife, Calling Them ‘Critical Defenders’ Of Women’s Rights

U.N. News: International Day of the Midwife: 5 things you should know
“…As the United Nations celebrates midwives across the world on Sunday [on International Day of the Midwife], here are five things you should know about the critical role they play in communities. 1. Midwives save millions of lives each year … 2. Beyond survival, midwives offer critical medical care … 3. Midwives are critical defenders of the rights of women … 4. There’s a midwife shortage … 5. The U.N. is working hard to strengthen midwifery worldwide…” (5/5).

Additional coverage of International Day of the Midwife is available from NPR and Xinhua/New China.