U.N. Secretary General, IOM Director General Warn Global Humanitarian Crises Negatively Affecting Families, Overwhelming Aid System

The Guardian: Global crises overwhelming aid system, says migration chief
“The world’s top official managing migration flows has warned that the global aid system is crumbling under an overwhelming number of crises, from wars across the Middle East and Asia to natural disasters and earthquakes. William Swing, veteran head of the International Organization for Migration, has spent more than five decades working across some of the world’s worst troublespots but believes the scale of current challenges dwarfs anything he has grappled with before…” (Graham-Harrison, 5/14).

U.N. News Centre: Marking ‘Day of Families,’ Ban urges support during ‘heavy toll’ of crisis situations
“The rise of violent extremism, the effects of forced displacement, extreme weather events, and other challenges are taking a heavy toll on the health and integrity of families in crisis situations, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said [Sunday], marking the International Day of Families with a call for governments to support the crucial role of families in all their diverse forms…” (5/15).