U.N. Agencies Discuss Importance Of Toilets To End Open Defecation, Recognize World Toilet Day

UNHCR: Bringing toilets into the home boosts refugees’ health and security
This story, written by Sanne Biesmans in DRC’s Mulongwe settlement, discusses the importance of toilets in refugee settlements and UNHCR’s efforts to support their construction. According to the story, “Bringing a toilet into a compound provides real benefits to refugees’ health and security. It cuts environmental pollution, reduces the transmission of communicable illnesses such as diarrhea and even lowers the risk of sexual assault…” (11/18).

WHO Regional Office for Europe: World Toilet Day highlights the continuing struggle for safe water and sanitation across the pan-European region
“Over 31 million people in the pan-European region lack access to basic sanitation services and 314 000 people still practice open defecation. … World Toilet Day, celebrated on 19 November, is an important occasion that reminds us of the need for safe sanitation services for the well-being of all…” (11/19).