U.K.’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office Ranks Low On 2018 Aid Transparency Index

Devex: U.K. Foreign Office among least transparent aid donors globally, study finds
“The United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office is among the worst performing aid donors globally when it comes to transparency, ranking 40th out of 45 donors assessed in the latest edition of the Aid Transparency Index. The department ranked ‘poor’ in the index, showing no improvement on its categorization in previous years. As part of the U.K. aid strategy, established in 2015, the government committed all aid-spending departments to scoring at least ‘good’ by 2020…” (Anders, 6/20).

The Guardian: U.K. Foreign Office ranks among world’s worst on revealing how aid is spent
“…The annual index examines international donors that spend more than $1bn (£760m) in aid, and assesses how easy it is to track the cash. The FCO ranks below South Korea’s International Co-operation Agency, which came 38th in the index. Spain’s agency for international development and the FCO were the only two European organizations included in the ‘poor’ category. In contrast to the FCO’s low ranking, the Department for International Development (DFID) came third, with a rating of ‘very good’…” (McVeigh, 6/20).