Two High-Profile Ebola Patients Cleared Of Disease In Spain, U.S.

News outlets report that a Spanish nurse and an American cameraman have recovered from Ebola virus disease.

CNN: Freelance cameraman free of Ebola, can leave Nebraska hospital
“Freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo no longer has the Ebola virus in his bloodstream and will be allowed to leave Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said Tuesday…” (Ellis et al., 10/21).

New York Times: Spanish Nurse Is Declared Free of Ebola
“The Spanish auxiliary nurse who was the first person known to have contracted the Ebola virus outside Africa was declared free of the disease on Tuesday, after four consecutive tests for the virus in recent days came back negative, according to officials at the hospital where she has been treated since Oct. 7…” (Minder, 10/21).