Scientific Research, Rights-Based Health Policy Critical To U.S. Response To HIV/AIDS

The Guardian: Does Trump really think preaching celibacy can beat HIV?
Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity (Change)

“…The emphasis on evidence-based prevention addresses the historic failure of PEPFAR’s abstinence and fidelity-in-marriage programs. … Nonetheless, the Trump administration recently came down in favor of ‘sexual risk avoidance’ education. … In addition, shrinking budgets make it harder to provide treatment, care, and prevention on a global scale. The Trump administration’s budget request for 2019 proposed … cuts to the global AIDS response. … Trump has also reinstated the Mexico City policy, and this time it’s attached to PEPFAR funds. … Favoring ideology over science is careless, short-sighted, and extravagantly wasteful. Fifteen years of data collection speaks for itself — the key to success is the marriage of scientific research and rights-based health policy. Now, more than ever, these principles and policies must prevail” (5/31).