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Trump Administration Offers Conflicting Words, Actions On Several Issues In Africa, Including HIV/AIDS

Associated Press: Trump Administration’s Words, Deeds on Africa Are Colliding
“…U.S. words and deeds are colliding as [U.S. Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson travels across Africa. On trade policy, HIV/AIDS, and humanitarian aid, the United States at times seems at odds with itself, muddying efforts to show it wants the continent to flourish and is here to help. … American leadership has been repeatedly questioned since Trump took office in January 2017 as Washington pulls back from past commitments to NATO, to the United Nations, and to aid programs that form the core of U.S. ‘soft power’ diplomacy. Tillerson’s trip to Kenya was designed in part to highlight the success of PEPFAR … So HIV/AIDS advocates are scratching their heads at why Trump has repeatedly proposed cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from PEPFAR…” (Lederman, 3/12).