TPP Needs ‘Thorough Human Rights Assessment’ To Ensure No Threat To Achieving SDGs

The Conversation: The Trans-Pacific Partnership poses a grave threat to sustainable development
Matthew Rimmer, professor of intellectual property and innovation law at the Queensland University of Technology

“…Several chapters of the [Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)] impinge upon the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], potentially undermining the U.N.’s efforts to promote sustainable development and equality throughout the Pacific region. Moreover, many developing countries, least-developed countries, and small island states in the Pacific region are excluded from the preferential trade deal. … There needs to be a thorough human rights assessment of the whole agreement. … We need a new kind of trade agreement — one that respects and supports the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, it is essential that future trade deals promote human development, access to knowledge, public health, and climate action” (11/11).