Investing In Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights, Ensuring Access To Quality Services Vital To Achieving SDGs

Devex: Opinion: The power of sexual and reproductive health and rights in achieving health for all
Lois Quam, CEO at Pathfinder

“Investing in the power and potential of women and girls and their sexual and reproductive health and rights is the only way to achieve the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]. … At Pathfinder, we believe that SRH and rights of women and girls depend on the quality of the services they are offered. … The next 12 months leading up to the high-level meeting on universal health coverage represent an opportunity to ensure universal SRH is part of a renewed commitment to primary health care and the movement toward health for all. … Ensuring full access to quality SRH services underpins the success of the SDGs, including universal health coverage and other goals that relate to overall health and well-being. Globally, we can make our case through storytelling, testimonials, and data for continued investment in a comprehensive approach to SRH and rights as central to achieving health for all and gender equality. I encourage the global community to coalesce around a common advocacy agenda that builds on the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission report and advances the comprehensive implementation of SRH and rights…” (10/2).