Thomson Reuters Foundation, FT Health Feature Interviews With WHO DG Candidate David Nabarro

FT Health: FT Health: Pressure mounts on food industry to cut sugar
As part of its weekly newsletter, FT Health published a short interview with David Nabarro, candidate for director general of the World Health Organization. “What is the¬†strongest argument to vote for you rather than the other DG candidates? The World Health Organization needs a DG with a track record of robust, impartial, and consistent leadership, who has worked on the front lines of health care in different regions, who has been successful at the top table leading and raising finance for global responses to complex challenges, who can enable the multilateral system to work effectively, and who is trusted as a transparent and accountable professional. I have these capabilities…” (Jack, 3/31).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: INTERVIEW — “White coats” alone can’t combat infectious disease outbreaks — U.N. adviser
“Poor countries need more resources and training on the ground to combat infectious diseases that are spreading in new ways and to new places partly due to a changing climate, a U.N. health adviser said. British trained doctor, David Nabarro, who is in the race to be the next head of the World Health Organization (WHO), said infectious diseases, like cholera and Ebola, wreak havoc if they are not identified and managed quickly. ‘You can’t do this stuff with white coats and kind of control from outside,’ Nabarro told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview in Bogota…” (Moloney, 3/31).