The Wire Examines WHO Executive Board Meeting Outcomes In 2-Part Series

The Wire: Altered Dynamics at WHO, Priorities Likely to Be Constrained by Finances
“…The Wire presents this wrap of the [Executive Board (EB)] meeting that took place in Geneva during January 22-27. For this story, we spoke to more than 20 delegates from country missions, analysts, commentators, advisers, and others during the period of the week to understand and interpret the emerging changes taking shape at WHO, in addition to monitoring discussions at the meeting. In this two-part series, the story first addresses discussions on reforms, governance, and priorities. The next part will address access to medicines and the increased push for engagement with the private sector…” (Patnaik, 2/1).

The Wire: Battle for Access to Medicines and Vaccines Takes Centre Stage at WHO
“…This story will describe how discussions on two separate decisions related to access to medicines unfolded at the meeting and what they mean for the future. In the first such contested debate on medicines under Team Tedros, the EB encapsulated how tense the fight is likely to be in the coming months and years…” (Patnaik, 2/2).