The Guardian Examines Paraguay’s Malaria Elimination Success, Rising Number Of Cases In Surrounding Region

The Guardian: ‘We can’t let our guard down’ — as Paraguay eliminates malaria, regional outbreaks grow
“…The campaign [to eliminate malaria from Paraguay] began in 1939, when [during] a grueling war with Bolivia, an outbreak of malaria infected 80,000 people out of a population of one million. … [The nation’s malaria control agency] Senepa clustered dozens of diagnosis laboratories in malaria-prone regions, and those adjacent to Brazil. Private and public clinics are required to treat cases, free of charge. Businesses and media outlets run information campaigns. … But most point to the key factor as being a network of up to 5,000 unpaid volunteers — including urban community organizers and indigenous leaders — that is still working to educate fellow citizens, eliminate mosquito habitats, and stay alert for new cases…” (Blair, 8/6).