The Guardian Examines Influence Of C-Fam Organization On U.S., Other Countries’ Policies At U.N.

The Guardian: Revealed: the fringe rightwing group changing the U.N. agenda on abortion rights
“…[The Center for Family and Human Rights, or C-Fam,] has emerged … to become a powerful player behind the scenes at the U.N. With a modest budget and a six-strong staff led by the president Austin Ruse, it has leveraged connections inside the Trump administration to enforce a rigid orthodoxy on social issues, and helped build a new U.S. coalition with mostly autocratic regimes that share a similar outlook. And that coalition has already significantly shifted the terms of the U.N. debate on women’s and LGBT rights. … The outsize influence of C-Fam, and the increasing importance of evangelical Christians — like the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo — in the top reaches of the Trump administration, has helped turn the tide on the world stage on issues involving women’s reproductive rights and access to family planning clinics…” (Borger/Ford, 5/16).