Leaked Letter From High-Level U.S. Officials Urges Nations To Oppose U.N. Policies Promoting Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights, Guardian Reports

The Guardian: Leaked letter suggests U.S. is rallying U.N. member states to oppose abortion
“The U.S. is understood to have written to U.N. member states urging them to join a ‘growing coalition’ of countries rallying against abortion, in what seems to be the latest attempt by the Trump administration to rollback women’s rights. A letter, seen by the Guardian, is believed to have been sent to governments deemed sympathetic to the administration’s view on reproductive health. In the letter, apparently signed by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, governments are encouraged to sign a joint statement opposing ‘harmful’ U.N. policies that promote sexual and reproductive health and rights. The statement will be presented to a high-level meeting on universal health coverage at the U.N. general assembly on Monday, says the letter…” (Ford, 9/23).