Targeted Investments In Health Systems Would Lead To Greater Global Health Gains

Project Syndicate: The Right Targets for Global Health Investment
Bjørn Lomborg, visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center

“…[T]rying to improve health systems uniformly, across the board, shouldn’t be our absolute top priority. But strengthening developing countries’ capacity to identify and manage known national and global health risks — the true global killers, like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS — is an excellent investment. Improving health systems’ responsiveness to these big killers would likely lead to advances that could help in other areas. … Above all, we should ensure that health policy decisions are based on sound evidence, so that we truly do the most with every dollar spent. In practice, this would not mean ignoring the latest virus in the news; but it would almost certainly mean recognizing that most of our resources should go elsewhere” (3/17).