Taiwan Can Better Assist Countries In Achieving Universal Health Coverage If Allowed Observer Status At WHA

The Diplomat: Taiwan’s National Health Insurance: A Model for Universal Health Coverage
Chen Shih-Chung, minister of health and welfare for the Republic of China (Taiwan)

“…[W]e believe that Taiwan’s health care system can serve as a model for other countries. Taiwan has a constructive role to play in creating a robust global health network, and the best way to share our experience with other countries is through participation in the World Health Assembly and the WHO. … It is regrettable that political obstruction led to Taiwan being denied an invitation to the 70th WHA as an observer last year. … Taiwan remains committed to helping enhance regional and global disease prevention networks, and assisting other countries in overcoming their health care challenges. Against this backdrop, Taiwan seeks to participate in the 71st WHA this year in a professional and pragmatic way, as part of global efforts to realize the WHO’s vision of a seamless global disease prevention network. … We therefore urge the WHO and related parties to acknowledge Taiwan’s longstanding contributions to promoting human health worldwide, recognize the significance and legitimacy of Taiwan’s involvement as an observer in this year’s WHA. Because we believe that to achieve health for all, Taiwan can help” (5/2).