Systematic Changes In Pricing, Procurement Must Occur For Universal Access To Affordable Vaccines

The Lancet: What are affordable vaccines?
Editorial Board

“…Although the world’s poorest countries are supported by Gavi, [a new report from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)] describes how a large group of middle-income countries, aid agencies, and Gavi-graduating countries are struggling to afford key vaccinations. … MSF calls on governments and drug companies to introduce strategies to increase transparency of vaccine prices, including provision of publicly available information on vaccine research and development costs; monitoring and accountability of vaccine prices; increased use of effective procurement strategies; and increased competition and entry of lower cost manufacturers. Ahead of the Gavi pledging conference in Berlin, Germany, on Jan 27, it is time to join the call for systematic changes to ensure long-term universal access to the benefits of vaccination” (1/24).