Sustained Progress On Maternal, Child Health Critical To Success Of SDG Agenda

Huffington Post: In the complex and brave new world of the SDGs, we still have unfinished business on the basics of mother and child health
David de Ferranti, president; Robert Hecht, managing director; and Shan Soe-Lin, program director, all at Results for Development Institute

“…What has driven the success of the exceptional countries that have met the health [Millennium Development Goal (MDG)] targets for reduced child and maternal mortality and reversal of their AIDS, TB, and malaria epidemics? … [T]he successful countries generally focused on delivering a narrow set of high-impact interventions using a small handful of delivery platforms that reduced financial and physical barriers to access. … As the world embarks upon this broader [Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)] agenda, we would urge developing country governments and donors to sustain the highly effective efforts to lower infections, illness, and deaths among the world’s poor from the same causes that collectively we have been working so diligently to tackle over the past decade and a half … especially in the large numbers of countries, in Africa and in other regions, which missed out on the gains of the past 15 years” (12/11).