‘Sustained International Commitment’ To Nutrition During Pregnancy, First 1,000 Days Of Life Can Save Millions

Huffington Post: First Things First: The Case for Investing in Nutrition for Mothers and Children
Rick Leach, president and CEO of World Food Program USA, and Lucy Sullivan, executive director of 1,000 Days

“…We can save millions of lives by simply ensuring women are well-nourished before and during their pregnancies, that mothers can exclusively breastfeed their children for their first six months, and that they have the resources and the knowledge they need to give their young children the right foods at the right time to support healthy development. … We need sustained international commitment from U.S. policymakers, partner governments, civil society, and the private sector; for while there is no silver bullet to end malnutrition, there is one window — the first 1,000 days…” (5/6).