Sustain Global Fund Investment To Continue Progress In Africa

“I’m hopeful about the potential of the World Economic Forum on Africa, where business minds will meet political leaders in Cape Town, South Africa, to discuss the economic future of Africa,” but “I worry those gathered will focus narrowly on discussions of economic statistics or trade rules and ignore the only way we can ensure Africa delivers on its promise — by investing in the health of its people,” Yvonne Chaka Chaka, president of Princess of Africa Foundation and a Roll Back Malaria goodwill ambassador, writes in the World Economic Forum blog. “We have come to a critical crossroads,” she continues, adding, “Without $15 billion mobilized this year, the Global Fund [to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria] will not be able to continue [its] historic progress for the next three years, and Africa will fall backwards in its fight against AIDS, TB and malaria at great economic and human cost to our continent.” She states, “International donors such as the United Kingdom and Australia must come forward to fund the Global Fund, and African countries must follow through on their health promises” (5/9).