‘Supply And Demand Forces’ Should Be Tapped To Ensure Availability Of Effective Childhood Pneumonia Treatment

Devex: Using markets to improve children’s lives
Cammie Lee, senior program officer at the Results for Development Institute, and Kanika Bahl, principal and managing director at the Results for Development Institute

“…[K]ey donors are rapidly mobilizing resources to scale up access to [amoxicillin dispensable tablets (amox DT)] in several countries that have the highest number of children dying from pneumonia. … Reducing preventable deaths requires a concerted effort to align supply and demand forces. To that end, we are ensuring that critical policies are updated to reflect amox DT as the priority treatment for childhood pneumonia, making business cases to manufacturers and distributors to invest in registering amox DT at the country level, supporting the market to forecast demand in a robust manner, and working to secure sustainable funding for amox DT above and beyond what has already been committed… (9/17).