Strategies To Encourage Vaccination Must Be Tailored To Local Communities

Devex: Why we should not hesitate to vaccinate
Philippe Duclos, executive secretary for the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization

“…There is no ‘magic bullet’ or single intervention strategy that works for all instances of vaccine hesitancy. We need tailored strategies to improve vaccine acceptance, using effective communication to dispel fears, address concerns, and promote acceptance of vaccination. Research on vaccine hesitancy is needed, including on how extensive the problem is and on what local measures we can take to encourage people to get immunized. … Communicating directly with people who are not being fully vaccinated is key. We must engage religious or other influential leaders to promote vaccination in the community, and improve convenience and access to vaccination. We also need partners to educate and train health workers in communications and help us increase knowledge and awareness about vaccination” (8/25).