STAT, Washington Post Examine Early Responses To Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, Including U.S. Distribution Of PPE To China

STAT: The months of magical thinking: As the coronavirus swept over China, some experts were in denial
“The response to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and other countries has been hobbled by a host of factors, many involving political and regulatory officials. … But a subtler, less-recognized factor contributed to the wasting of precious weeks in January and February, when preparations to try to stop the virus should have kicked immediately into high gear. Magical thinking — you could call it denial — hampered the ability of even some of the most seasoned infectious diseases experts to recognize the full threat of what was bearing down on the world…” (Branswell, 4/20).

Washington Post: U.S. sent millions of face masks to China early this year, ignoring pandemic warning signs
“U.S. manufacturers shipped millions of dollars’ worth of face masks and other protective medical equipment to China in January and February with encouragement from the federal government, a Washington Post review of economic data and internal government documents has found. The move underscores the Trump administration’s failure to recognize and prepare for the growing pandemic threat…” (Eilperin et al., 4/18).