Sri Lanka Hit With Worst-Ever Dengue Outbreak; Nearly 300 Dead, More Than 100K Cases

Al Jazeera: Worst-ever dengue outbreak kills up to 300 in Sri Lanka
“The worst-ever outbreak of dengue fever has killed nearly 300 people in Sri Lanka, with aid agencies warning against further spread of the mosquito-borne viral disease…” (7/24).

Reuters: Dengue outbreak kills 300 in Sri Lanka, hospitals at limit
“…[Health officials] blamed recent monsoon rains and floods that have left pools of stagnant water and rotting rain-soaked trash — ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes that carry the virus…” (Sirilal/Aneez, 7/24).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Deaths rising as Sri Lanka struggles with worst-ever outbreak of dengue
“…Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health said the number of people infected by the mosquito-borne viral disease had reached over 103,000 so far this year — which is nearly double the total number of cases in 2016 — with about 296 deaths…” (Wilson, 7/24).

TIME: Sri Lanka’s Deadly Dengue Fever Outbreak Is ‘Three Times’ Worse Than Previous Years
“…The populous Western Province — including Colombo, the country’s capital city — is the worst hit, with more than 46,000 cases reported so far, making up around 44 percent of the country’s total…” (Lui, 7/25).