Spreading Hygiene, Sanitary Awareness Vital To Global WASH Efforts

MSNBC: If I take action today, maybe someone’s life will be saved
Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, student at Universiti Putra Malaysia and co-founder of Awareness 360

“…Throughout much of the developing world, serious diseases are linked to improper hygiene, poor drinking water, and a general lack of sanitary awareness. Across the globe, however, many do not know this. … Though hand washing might seem insignificant, … it can be life-saving. … [H]ygiene awareness needs to spread. … If WASH is to be successful, it is essential that governments, businesses, and activists work together to raise awareness and funds for sanitary improvements. … I am optimistic that the combined efforts of governments, world leaders, businesses, and advocates will help ensure clean water, sanitation, and hygiene for everyone. As I know from personal experience — even the smallest changes in personal hygiene habits can save lives” (9/19).