Special Issue Of The Lancet Looks At Progress Toward MDGs, Post-2015 Agenda

“Ahead of the September 25 United Nations General Assembly, which will evaluate the efforts made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals [MDGs], and look ahead to the post-2015 development agenda,” The Lancet on Friday published a special issue focusing on the “Countdown to 2015.” According to the executive summary, “A new analysis of interventions to reduce maternal and child deaths in developing countries reveals that if current trends continue, just nine Countdown countries will meet internationally agreed targets to reduce the number of deaths of children under five to fewer than 20 deaths per 1000 births by 2035”; “[a] review assesses progress since The Lancet published its child survival series 10 years ago, and states that the decreasing rates of child mortality seen in the past 10 years should not distract from the fact that there is an unfinished agenda in child survival”; and “several leading figures in global health offer insight and analysis into how far the world has come towards meeting the MDG targets, and development priorities post-2015” (9/20). In an editorial, The Lancet writes, “The General Assembly is now an event that cannot be ignored by the health community. Keep an eye on New York next week. Interesting things are likely to happen” (9/21).