Some Nations Prepare For Spread Of Coronavirus While Others Experience Slowdown


The Guardian: ‘We fear, but have to work’: isolation not an option for the poor of Nairobi (Moore, 3/27).

The Hill: Kenya confirms first coronavirus death (Bowden, 3/26).

NPR: South Africa Reports First COVID-19 Deaths, Goes Into 3-Week Lockdown (Neuman, 3/27).

Reuters: Using lessons from Ebola, West Africa prepares remote villages for coronavirus (Peyton, 3/25).


Al Jazeera: Coronavirus panic grips Rohingya camps in Bangladesh (3/26).

Financial Times: Hidden infections challenge China’s claim coronavirus is under control (Yang et al., 3/26).

The Hill: North Korea asking for aid, while denying any coronavirus cases: report (Bowden, 3/26).

New York Times: Japan’s Virus Success Has Puzzled the World. Is Its Luck Running Out? (Rich et al., 3/26).

NPR: How South Korea Reined In The Outbreak Without Shutting Everything Down (Beaubien, 3/26).

STAT: Covid-19’s resurgence in Hong Kong holds a lesson: Defeating it demands persistence (Sataline, 3/26).


AP: Italy hopes virus is easing but fears new onslaught in south (Winfield et al., 3/27).

The Atlantic: A Disturbing Look Inside an Italian Hospital (Parenti, 3/26).

POLITICO: European Commission to develop coordinated ‘exit strategy’ from lockdowns (Wheaton, 3/26).

POLITICO: European Parliament greenlights coronavirus funding plan (Bayer, 3/26).

Reuters: Russian PM urges all citizens to stay at home, calls for tougher measures: Interfax (Kiselyova/Marrow, 3/27).

Science: The new coronavirus is finally slamming Russia. Is the country ready? (Stone, 3/26).

Washington Post: Italy’s new coronavirus cases are slowing. How soon will normal life return? (Harlan/Pitrelli, 3/26).


The Lancet: Venezuelan migrants “struggling to survive” amid COVID-19 (Daniels, 3/28).


New Humanitarian: Bracing for coronavirus in Syria’s battered northwest (Al Hosse/Edwards, 3/26).

NPR: Still Locked in Conflict, Israelis and Palestinians Need Each Other To Fight COVID-19 (Estrin, 3/26).

Reuters: Raincoats and rubber boots for Pakistani aid workers in coronavirus fight (Hassan, 3/27).

Reuters: UAE orders overnight curfew for deep clean, Gulf coronavirus cases rise (El Yaakoubi/Saba, 3/26).

U.N. News: Iraq: Top U.N. official calls on political leaders to confront COVID-19 pandemic and unite (3/26).


AP: Canada urges U.S. not to put troops at border during pandemic (Gillies, 3/27).

The Hill: EXCLUSIVE: Top CDC official warns New York’s coronavirus outbreak is just a preview (Wilson, 3/27).

Washington Post: New York City’s crime rate plummets amid coronavirus shutdown (Jacobs/Barrett, 3/26).