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Some Experts Raise Concerns Over How U.N. Grouping Together African, Middle East Food Crises Could Impact Fundraising, Responses

Devex: Amid funding shortfall, doubts over why U.N. links 4 food crises together
“Senior United Nations officials have reiterated a call to action for the four food insecurity and famine situations in Africa and the Middle East that have been labeled together as the worst humanitarian crisis in the U.N.’s history. U.N. Emergency Coordinator Stephen O’Brien noted in a briefing to the General Assembly that the protracted ‘complex’ food insecurity and health crises were deteriorating in Yemen, Northern Nigeria, Somalia, and South Sudan. … However, aside from all experiencing conflict, each of the four countries have different histories, challenges, and needs. Some development and humanitarian relief experts are wondering why they are being grouped together in the U.N.’s broad, public funding appeal. Some believe this overall joint messaging impacts the ability to fundraise effectively for the individual situations and to draw enough sustained attention to these populations’ needs…” (Lieberman, 4/20).