Sierra Leone’s Post-Ebola Recovery Requires Ongoing International Support

Project Syndicate: Dying to Live
Samuel Kargbo, director of health systems, policy, planning, and information in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone

“…The post-Ebola recovery will not be quick, easy, or cheap. In Sierra Leone alone, it is expected to cost $1.3 billion — $896.2 million of which has yet to be procured. To close that gap, we need help from our African partners and the broader international community. … We need genuine engagement, open communication, and mutual accountability, at the local, national, regional, and global levels. We have already seen how a lack of essential health care services can devastate a country, taking thousands of lives and shattering many more. We came together as a country to beat Ebola, and we are committed to prevent future epidemics. With ongoing international support, we will do just that” (9/17).