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Sierra Leone, UNICEF To Distribute Anti-Malarial Drugs To 2.5M People In Effort To Prevent Mistaken Ebola Diagnoses

Agence France-Presse: Sierra Leone gives out malaria pills in fight against Ebola
“Sierra Leone began a campaign on Friday to protect almost half the population from malaria, reducing the burden on health services of people visiting clinics wrongly fearing they have Ebola. … More than 9,300 trained community health workers will go door-to-door in districts where the risk of Ebola is highest to administer anti-malarial tablets to 2.5 million people over three days…” (12/5).

VOA News: Anti-Malaria Campaign Underway in Ebola-Stricken Sierra Leone
“…The U.N. Children’s Fund, which is spearheading this campaign, says reducing malaria cases also will help the fight against Ebola. … Malaria symptoms of fever, headache, and aching joints are similar to Ebola in its early stages. The disease is often misdiagnosed. This causes confusion among patients and health care workers and people with malaria often are referred to Ebola Treatment Units…” (Schlein, 12/5).