Sierra Leone Reports Uptick In Ebola Cases, Opens First Ebola Orphanage

News outlets report on the spreading Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and the disease’s impact on the country’s orphaned children.

Associated Press: Ebola cases rise sharply in western Sierra Leone
“After emerging months ago in eastern Sierra Leone, Ebola is now hitting the western edges of the country where the capital is located with dozens of people falling sick each day, the government said Tuesday. So many people are dying that removing bodies is reportedly a problem…” (Roy-Macaulay, 10/21).

VOA News: Ebola Orphanage Opens in Sierra Leone
“Sierra Leone’s first Ebola orphanage has opened in the Kailahun district. Hundreds of children orphaned since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak face stigma and rejection with nobody to care for them. A new interim care center is aimed at helping the growing number of children affected by Ebola…” (Bailes, 10/20).