Sierra Leone, Other Ebola-Hit Nations Need Assistance From Wealthy Nations To Recover

The Guardian: Sierra Leone was recovering but Ebola has changed everything
Tamsin Evans, freelance writer based in Freetown

“…Even when the Ebola outbreak is over, its wider effects are going to be felt for a long time. A whole generation is out of education. Investors have left. The stigma from the civil war has been replaced by Ebola, and will be lasting. The health care system has been brought to its knees. … Still people say: ‘Salone e tranga, wi go try fo kick di Ebola, wi go tinap back’ — Sierra Leone is strong, we will try to get rid of Ebola, we will stand up again. To do this Sierra Leone, and all Ebola-hit nations, need the wealthy countries of the world to stand with them. If there are any small mercies, perhaps it’s that the Ebola outbreak has brought the struggling health care system here to the world’s attention…” (1/5).