Several Companies Working On Experimental Ebola Vaccines In Unprecedented Effort

Daily Beast: The Race for the Ebola Vaccine
“…Although a few smaller companies have become involved in the race for a vaccine, three major pharmaceuticals are taking the lead — each pursuing a different vaccine. The trials are unprecedented for a variety of reasons, including the rapid timeline (trials of this nature generally take 3-4 years)…” (Haglage, 1/7).

VOA News: Governments, Competitors Cooperate to Produce Ebola Vaccine
“…Several potential vaccines are being developed and are now in clinical trials. This increases the possibility of developing at least one that is effective against Ebola. And if more than one is effective, so much the better. It would increase the chances of that large numbers of people could be immunized, and bring the outbreak to an end. It could also mean there would never again be another Ebola epidemic as bad as this one” (Pearson, 1/6).