Senate Approves Stopgap Spending Bill Before Adjourning

National Journal: Senate Approves Spending Bill and Syria Measure, Heads for Exits
“…Congress completed its last preelection task Thursday as the Senate voted to send President Obama a stopgap spending bill coupled with an authorization to arm and train Syrian rebels for combat against the Islamic State. And then senators joined the House in leaving town so lawmakers could campaign for their seats ahead of the November election. … The [continuing resolution (CR)], which was necessary because Congress failed to agree on any appropriations measures for fiscal 2015, keeps government running at its current $1.012 trillion annual funding level through Dec. 11…” (Catalini/Mimms, 9/18).

Additional information on the Continuing Appropriations Resolution for FY 2015, including global health-specific provisions, is available from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Policy Tracker (9/19).