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Sectarian Violence In CAR Hindering Aid Delivery, Evacuations

Media sources report on continuing sectarian violence in Central African Republic (CAR).

IRIN: Aid and evacuations under threat in CAR
The news service reports on how sectarian violence is hindering aid deliveries to displaced persons and preventing evacuations from embattled areas (2/5).

U.S. Department of State: U.S. Condemns Sectarian Violence in the Central African Republic
“The United States is deeply concerned by recent sectarian attacks against both Muslims and Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR). … The United States, working with other governments and international organizations, will support the efforts of the transition government to end the conflict and re-establish a functioning state. We call on all in C.A.R. to join this effort and work toward reconciliation rather than revenge” (Psaki, 2/5).