SDGs Should Be Inspiration For Nations Beset With Conflict, U.N. Official Says; Report Ranks Countries’ Progress Toward Reaching Goals

Thomson Reuters Foundation: U.N. goals to cure global woes are beacon for troubled nations, official says
“Nations grappling with conflict and discord may be too absorbed by their own troubles to tackle goals set out by the United Nations to fight poverty, inequality, and other global woes, a top U.N. official said on Wednesday. For those nations, the U.N.’s ambitious set of global objectives will have to serve as a beacon to follow when they are able, said Assistant U.N. Secretary-General Thomas Gass after a U.N. forum to assess the goals’ progress…” (Wulfhorst, 7/20).

Washington Post: A new report rated countries on ‘sustainable development.’ The U.S. did horribly
“…When it comes to [meeting economic, social, and environmental goals simultaneously,] not all countries are faring very well at the moment. That’s the gist of a new report from Bertelsmann Stiftung, a large German foundation, and [Columbia University economist and U.N. adviser Jeffrey] Sachs’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which has actually ranked the countries of the world based on where they stand at the outset of trying to achieve these goals over the next decade and a half…” (Mooney, 7/21).